Slot Machine Myths

The following short section looks at a few myths and secrets that you may have or will hear about slot machines. Here we hope to put the lies to rest, which may help you on your journey to becoming the most successful slot player you can be.

  • Some say that a slot machine that has hardly been paying out is due to payout big. Of course, this may feel right but as you know already, it is the RNG that determines when a machine will payout, every spin is completely random and independent of all prior spins. The idea of pay and take cycles simply does not exist.
  • A common myth, which we’re sure you’ve heard or will hear is that slot machines that are placed at the end of aisles are looser than others in the casino. This is also not true, if it were, then there would be lineups at these machines and the others wouldn’t see any action. Machines with different payout percentages are mixed throughout the casino, not placed in certain ares.
  • If you are a math whiz, you may be tempted (like many believe is possible) to count the symbols and determine the probability of future spins. But don’t waste your time, thanks to the amount of stops on the virtual wheel plus the stops on the actual wheel, there are literally thousands of possibilities, mathematics doesn’t work when trying to beat the slot machine.
  • Casino employees can not loosen or tighten any slot machine from a hidden back office. There is no switch to turn off or on, it is a carefully programmed computer chip that is placed deep into the machine that is determines how loose or tight a machine is.
  • Other superstitions and myths: Pulling the handle instead of hitting the spin button increases your chances of being paid. Or how about this one, heating the coins before inserting them increases your odds. Both of these like so many others out there are completely ridiculous. The RNG, whether you pull or push to spin determines the outcome, the temperature of the coins won’t change this.
  • And finally, it is a common myth, that every casino loosens there machines at certain times of the day and days of the week. Again, not true, no matter what time of day or day of the week, your chances will always be the same.

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