Playing Slot Machines

Now that you understand how the slot machine works and the different types available to you, lets have a look at a few important tips that will help you maximize your profits and your over all slots playing experience.

First you must understand that forming a “system” or “cheating” the slot machine to increase your profits won’t work when it comes to these one-armed bandits. Because of the RNG and carefully regulated laws, the slot machine works on a completely random system that leaves no room for cheating. But the following list may help you to become a “smart” player and thus adding to your profits in a different sort of way.

Slot Machine Tips for the Beginner:

  • Decide on an amount of money that you are willing to lose (just in case things don’t go your way) and never spend more than this amount. You probably won’t be a winner every time and you don’t want to go broke trying to become one.
  • It is a good idea to start out at the 3 reel 1 payline machines that accept lower coin denominations. These machines are the cheapest and most straightforward. Once you have become comfortable with these machines, then up your ante and/or try the more complex, extra bonus, multi-payline machines.
  • Understanding the payout schedule is important for every player. Make sure to read it before you start. In most cases, you must deposit a certain amount of coins to be eligible for certain prizes (like the jackpot). The payout schedule will inform you of such details.
  • If you are a frequent slots player or think that you may become one, then join the casinos players club. It will only take a few moments to join and receive your card. By being a member and using your club card, you will earn points that can be traded in for casino paraphernalia, concert/show tickets, dining, etc. Joining the casino club should be free of charge and the benefits are worth it.
  • To maximize your chances at winning, look for slot machines with higher payout percentages. Obviously you will have a better chance at winning on a machine that pays out 92% of the time than one that s set to payout at 85%. If the payout percentage is not posted ask an employee for the facts, they will let you know.
  • Due to much lower overhead costs, the online casinos can offer the player higher payout percentages when it comes to slot machines. It is common to find machines online that payout between 96% up to 98%. Online casinos offer a huge array of the newest slot machine games with great graphics and sounds, you’ll feel like you’re playing at a casino, but your in the comfort of your own home.
  • If one machine doesn’t feel right for you, move to another. Don’t worry about the money you’ve already invested, you have the exact same chances at winning on a machine that you’ve only spun once on. The RNG’s, found in every slot machine, assure that every spin is random and completely independent of any other previous spin.
  • A nice tip to follow, that everyone should follow, is quit while you’re ahead. Sometimes it’s not easy, since these games can become addictive and if you’ve already doubled your money, why stop there, try to double it again right. Well the truth is, you have a better chance at losing all your winnings than doubling them again. So if you want to be a winner every time, quit while you’re ahead, you’ll feel good about it later.
  • And finally, like we say to every player, playing any casino game, just have fun. It’s not worth it to get too serious and stressed about a game, after all games are meant to be fun. If you begin to get frustrated and angry, then it’s time to quit. The slot machine, especially, does not require much skill, it is a game of chance and you should look at it as a form of entertainment with the chances of winning some money.

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