Slot Machine Odds

Your odds of hitting the big jackpot depend on a number of different factors. First the number of stops on the actual and virtual reels will play a part. The higher the number of stops the lower your chances. Your odds of hitting a particular symbol are higher the more virtual stops that correspond to that particular actual stop. So if three virtual stops correspond to a single actual stop, then your chances of hitting the symbol on that stop is better than hitting a symbol whose virtual stop corresponds to only one actual stop.When it comes to the jackpot combination, these symbols almost always land on a stop where the virtual stop equals only one actual stop. However it is normal for the space right above the winning symbol to be equal to a number of virtual stops. This spot will stop more often looking to the player that they almost hit the jackpot, thus encouraging them to play more.Although you’re odds at hitting the jackpot aren’t very high, your odds at winning some coins aren’t too bad given the casinos payout percentage. Your slot machine will also depend on the set payout percentage of the machine.Every slot machine is preprogrammed to payout at a certain percent of all coins played into the machine. It is a law, in most gambling jurisdictions, that all slot machines must payout at least 75% (or somewhere near that). However most machines will payout much higher than this number due to competition. These percentages usually range somewhere between, 90% and 97%. Obviously the casino needs to make money somehow so the percentages will always be less than 100%.Because online casinos have much lower overhead costs, no floor employees, not as much machine maintenance, etc. they are able to payout the best percentages of all slot machines. It isn’t rare to find online slot machines that payout at 98%, higher than any land based casino (where average payouts are about 92% – 95%).These payouts are programmed through a chip that is placed into a slot machine. It is impossible to change the odds unless the chip is removed and replaced. Thus no one sitting in the back of the casino can hit a switch or something, changing the odds, depending on the time, day, player, etc.

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